Infant Baptisms

Parents who want to have their children baptized should call the parish office to arrange the baptism.
Children baptized in the Roman Catholic Rite are Roman Catholics and members of the Roman Catholic Church. As long as the priest or deacon is relatively certain that you will bring the child up Catholic and teach them the faith, we can arrange the baptism. It is not a requirement that the parents are married, or married in the Church, but discussion of these issues may be necessary, if they apply.
Children up to seven years of age are considered infants according to Church law, so children up to that age can be baptized by registering for a baptism. If you desire to have an older child baptized who is over 7, we can arrange to get them involved in the Religious Education Communion preparation program.
If your child is over 7 years of age, our Director of Religious Education, Mrs. Celeste Grant, and one of our parish priests will work with you in incorporating your child in a way that will be best for them.
Godparents of children baptized should be practicing Catholics, confirmed, and at least 16 years of age. Catholic godparents need a certificate from their parish stating that they are active members of their parish and qualified to be godparents. Call your parish Church office to provide this certificate for you. Please send your sponsor certificate to our parish.
If you desire, you can have a non-Catholic Christian be one of the sponsors for your child. They will be listed as such. Christian sponsors also need a letter from their pastor stating that they are actively involved in their faith community. Please send your sponsor certificate to our parish as well.
Sponsor certificates are needed by the day of the baptism, and will be kept on file at the parish.
You may choose someone to be a sponsor that cannot be physically present on the day of the Baptism (for example, if your godfather choice is on assignment in the military). In that case, someone can stand in for them as a proxy, and they will be listed as the godparent or sponsor. Again the sponsor needs a certificate of eligibility, but the proxy does not.
Non-Christians cannot be godparents or sponsors for the obvious reason that they would not be qualified to teach the child the Christian faith by word and deed. However, you are welcome to include non-Christians to be part of the ceremony as well.
Godparents and sponsors should foster the faith in their godchildren. They should be the ones especially to give religious gifts (e.g. Bible, prayer books, religious videos, etc.) on birthdays and Christmas.
Just as a reminder, in an emergency, anyone can baptize an infant. All you need is water. Pour the water over the infant’s head and say as you pour the water:
“I baptize you, (Name), in the name of the Father,
and of the Son,
and of the Holy Spirit.”
However, you must baptize with the intention of the Church (for the salvation of the child). Baptisms done in mockery are not valid and would be a grave sin.