Got Catholicism?

Interested in considering becoming Catholic?

If you are considering becoming Catholic, please contact the Parish Office. There are several approaches you can take. If there are several people interested, we will hold classes, and you will learn the faith and beliefs of the Church throughout about a year’s preparation. If there is just one person, we can have private lessons at the Church. During this entire process of learning and attending Mass, you are discerning if this is the right choice for you. If you come to the conclusion (at any time) that it is not the right decision for you, that is fine. The objective is for you to discover how you believe God is leading you. The decision has to be your decision, done in freedom, without any pressure other than your own will in union with God.
Typically, those entering the Catholic Church as teens or adults, do so at the Easter Vigil (the Liturgy on Holy Saturday evening). However, with the bishop’s permission, we can bring someone into the Church at any time of the year.
For those who are already Christian of another denomination, they will make a profession of faith in the Catholic Church, and be confirmed as Catholics. For those who have never been baptized (or can’t find a record of their baptism) they will also be baptized, or conditionally baptized. The Catholic Church recognizes baptisms of other Christian Churches as long as it is done pouring water and using the formula: “I baptize you (Name) in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”
Hopefully you will enjoy the process and make friends along the way, and even if you decide not to become Catholic, hopefully the experience will enrich your faith life.
Interested in returning to the Catholic faith?
If you are a non-practicing Catholic or have left the Church for one reason or another, we invite you to start coming to Mass, to pray, and begin to discern if God is calling you back to your Catholic roots. You can contact any parish priest to make an appointment in order to discuss your situation. Often, it is as simple as making a good confession; but even if it is an involved process, we are willing to help you with the process.