Parish Pastoral Council

President:  Kelly Shea
Vice-President:  Thomas Maugeri
Secretary:  Patricia Jones

Altar Rosary Society President:  Patricia Jones
Altar Servers:  Thomas Maugeri
Bulletin Editors:  Mary R. Miller & Barbara Roberson
Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist:  Kathleen Spence
Facilities/Maintenance:  Vacant
Finance Committee:  Richard Tomasso (Chairperson)
Hospitality:  Dorothy Archer
Liturgy Coordinator:  Kathleen Spence
Ministers of the Word:  Richard Tomasso
Music Ministry:  Jen Cascarelli & Pat Bono
Prayer Chain:  Dorothy Archer & Patricia Jones
Religious Education:  Celeste Grant & Geri Reilley
Safety & Emergency Operations:  Matthew Konowicz
Website Administrator:  David Pandl
Youth Group:  Anne Marie McMullen